Activation of Student Status

You may begin your studies once your Application has been accepted and you have submitted your tuition (activation of student status). Before paying your tuition, please review the Reimbursement Policy (below). By paying tuition, you agree to these terms.

Please note that new applicants must activate their student enrollment within 30 days of acceptance. If the time has elapsed, their Application will expire; and they would need to re-apply (with all procedures involved) at a later time or whenever they are ready. However, re-acceptance is not guaranteed.

A breakdown of tuition is possible for some programs, as so noted. Partial payments must be requested and are expected by the due date.

Residential Theology Student

Program A and B (Associate Level) $500
Program B (Bachelor's Level)  $1000
Program D (Master's Level) $2000  (optional breakdown: 3 payments @ $700 each)
Program E  (Doctoral Level) $4000  (optional breakdown: 5 payments at $900 each) 

Student is responsible for his or her own housing, accommodations, travel and study material. The School may assist if possible.

Online Theology Student

Program A and B (Associate Level) $1000
Program B (Bachelor's Level)  $2500 (optional breakdown of 3 payments @ $900 each)
Program D (Master's Level) $4000  (optional breakdown of 5 payments @ $900 each)
Program E  (Doctoral Level) $6000  (optional breakdown of 7 payments @ $900 each)

Student is responsible for his or her own study material. 

Ministry Program

$250 per Module
$100 Certificate fee upon successful completion or credits of all Modules (optional)

Online Applied Theology Program

$300 per Course
$50 Certificate fee upon successful completion of any course (optional)

Foreign Language

20-hour course in Latin: $400
20-hour course in NT Greek: $500

Tai Chi

Tai Chi (residential only)

Honorary Degree Program

We request a donation for:

Associate in Theology $350
Diploma in Theology  $600
Master of Divinity $850
Doctor of Divinity $1100

Tuition Reimbursement Policy


If tuition is submitted in full (one lump sum):

- Up to 90 days before class/course* begin: 90% of full tuition submitted

- 60 to 89 days before class/course* begin: 80% of full tuition submitted

- 30 to 59 days before class/course* begin: 70% of full tuition submitted

- 1 to 29 days before class/course* begin: no reimbursement

Class or course begin is determined, when Faculty has set the date for the beginning of studies.


Please note that this reimbursement policy does not apply to:

(a) Partial payment plans

(b) Monthly tuition payments

(c) The Credit Transfer program

(d) The Honorary Degree program

(e) Donations received.

Such are not reimbursable.

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods of your tuition:

- Personal check: Please mail to the School's address within 10 days of billing.
- Credit or Debit Card via PayPal (plus 5% processing fee). You will receive a payment request.