Tai Chi Yiàn Academy

Tai Chi is a component of traditional Chinese medicine that increases strength and promotes mental calmness and physical harmony by improving the flow of the internal energy throughout the whole body. Tai Chi has a meditative effect that makes it particularly helpful for reducing stress and anxiety. People who have practiced Tai Chi regularly have experienced general well-being.

The Tai Chi Yiàn style is one of the many Tai Chi schools around the globe. This gentle, therapeutic way of Tai Chi is for all ages and conditions. It has been developed by Tai Chi Master Fa-Jian Shakya many years ago and is now taught at Meister Eckhart Divinity School.

Proven Benefits of Tai Chi / Qi Gong

It is an established fact in the professional community that regular practice of Tai Chi movements can benefit the entire body by increasing muscle strength and enhancing balance and flexibility. People who practice Tai Chi will exploit the strength of the yin (the material) and the energy of the yāng (the transcendent) through exercises that are especially designed to focus on the forces in balance and harmonious form.

Every Tai Chi style is based on the principle of Qi Gong, not a separate entity as some people may believe. Modern Tai Chi and Qi Gong is are moving meditation or sometimes called internal martial art that originated from Chinese martial arts long time ago.

Improved balance reduces your risk of falling, tripping or slipping. It will make you feel more secure. Walking will be more pleasant.

When you are flexible, you can move around more easily. You will get less tired and experience reduced muscle aches.

After regular T'ai Chi practice, your life will become invigorated and less tiresome.

With regular T'ai Chi practice your muscles will be renewed.  For example, your legs and arms will strengthen. Good leg and arm strength improves the quality of life.

Your breathing will be deeper and healthier. Since good breathing is crucial for health, ultimately you will feel better.

Stress Relief
Our minds need balance and flexibility as well.  When the body relaxes, the mind relaxes too. We reduce stress and feel better emotionally.


Modality & Tuition

Since real Qi Gong/Tai Chi cannot be learned from a screen, our programs are offered on a residential basis. A Certificate of Achievement will be issued upon successful completion of an 8-hour unit.

Please inquire about enrollment details.

Teacher Training

Among other requirements, teacher training consists of 4 training units, spread out over roughly a year. Upon successful completion, certification may be requested. Please inquire.