Classical Languages Program

Classical languages are very useful and often required for the study of Theology.

Lessons are typically given in a one-on-one long-distance setting, such as via Skype, email, chat or other internet means; or lessons can be held in person for those who prefer and / or live in Eastern Nebraska. Each lesson consists of 45 minutes. 

All instruction can be scheduled during day-time and evening hours as arranged, including some weekends.

Books and Materials

Unless you have a specific preference, your teacher will recommend a textbook, including instructions on how you can order it at a most reasonable price. 

An official Certificate of Competence or Achievement will be issued at the end of each level.

Language Subjects Offered

  • Basic Latin
  • Advanced Level & Reading
  • Ecclesiastical Latin
  • Literature

New Testament Greek
  • Basic
  • Advanced Level
  • New Testament Literature