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Energy Healing Programs (Reiki)

This Program is meant for those who wish to become Energy Therapists in their own practice or joining an existing practice. It can also be used as personal enrichment study.
Since Energy therapy cannot be learned from a screen, these are residential programs.


Each level needs to be taken in sequence. Training can be arranged on an individual basis or as a group. Classes are typically either two half-days (4 hrs. each day) or one full day (8 hrs.) instruction time. We instruct predominantly the Usui Reiki form with other natural healing modalities. Provided one has been trained and attuned by a recognized Master, one may apply any level accomplished in order to advance to the next (Please note that so-called online and/or self-attunements cannot be recognized).
Though exceptions can be made under certain circumstances, it is a wise idea to wait some months or a year before progressing to the next level. In general, we recommend that there be a time lapse between levels, in order to integrate both experience and practice in the use of Energy Healing. We do not train more than one level at a time and require at least a one year practice between Okuden, ART and Shinpiden. Practice hours may be applied towards training credits.


Shoden (Reiki 1 / Entry Level)

Shoden attunement mainly benefits the physical body and opens it up, in order to be able to channel the Reiki energy. In Shoden the history of Reiki is taught as well as hand positions. This will enable you to let the energy flow through the hands. It also opens the student’s heart to the universal love that Reiki embodies. Shoden is the foundation of all Reiki and should be mastered before a person can move on to the next level of practice. Shoden is mostly for personal healing.

Okuden (Reiki 2 / Intermediate Level)

Okuden attunement benefits the subtle body. This level of attunement provides a higher level of energy vibrations in the student. The student learns three Reiki symbols: the power symbol, the mental symbol and the distance symbol. It is the distance symbol that focuses the energy for specific purposes. The student is better able to heal mental and emotional issues as well as travel across distance and time to heal. - You must have Shoden attunement first to be a Okuden Reiki student. It is also Okuden that has the greatest effect on the subtle body, known as the aura.

Advanced Reiki Training (Reiki 3 / ART)

Level 3 and Shinpiden are separated training entities. In order to pass Level 3, the student must know the hand positions, the symbols and all practice modalities. During this training, the student will better appreciate and learn to understand the theory behind Reiki as well as additional skills.

Shinpiden (Reiki Master)

In this level the Reiki practitioner receives final attunement and will learn how to teach Reiki to others as well as experience a more in-depth study of Reiki therapy. The student learns more Reiki symbols for his or her practice, as well as to attune others. You must have completed levels 1, 2 and ART, in order to move on to Master training.

Prerequisites for each Course

Shoden (8 hours)  ->   no prerequisite
Okuden (8 hours)  ->  prerequisite: Shoden
Reiki ART* training (8 hours)  ->  prerequisite: Okuden
Shinpiden (16 hours)  ->  prerequisite:  ART* + approx. 9-12 months prior Reiki practice.

(*ART = Advanced Reiki Training)

All programs include the respective text materials.


  • Postnomial (after Okuden): CRT (Certified Reiki Therapist)
  • Optional (but recommended): Joining the Order of the Healing Arts at no charge

Class Times

Classes are scheduled via our Face Book page or may be arranged individually depending on instructor availability. Training can be taken in full days (8 hours), half days (4 hours) or evenings (over several weeks).


All tuition is due once your Application has been accepted. You will be billed via Google Wallet or you may pay by check.  Once your tuition is received in full, classes or training may be scheduled. Tuition is non-refundable, if the student does not attend or complete classes.

Shoden (Level I) $250
Okuden (Level II) $350
ART (Advanced Training) $400
Shinpiden (Master) $700

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Please note that this is a residential program, since Reiki can neither be learned from a screen nor be properly attuned via airwaves.