Applied Theology Courses

Earn CEUs towards your theology degree

All courses taught by Judy Quitoriano, Professor of Theology


THEOL-A1  -  Spiritual Direction:  An overview of spiritual formation in the tradition of the desert fathers. This course explores basic fundamentals for developing a relationship as a director.

THEOL-A2  -  Aging, Death and Dying:  A course that explores concrete dimensions of the second half of life.  This course is an aid to those in Pastoral Ministry to bring concrete practice to those ministering to the aging, the dying and survivors in terminal situations.

THEOL-A3  -  Support for Caregivers:  This is a course for those in ministry to facilitate a program to those who are caring for a loved one who is ill.  Caregivers are on the front line and need support, since they frequently pre-decease those for whom they are caring.

THEOL-A4  -   Balance in Ministry:  A course which encourages those in ministry to provide adequate self-care with methods to balance all the input from which they are influenced.

THEOL-A5  -  Parenting in Recovery:  This course offers a path to those who are recovering from illness or are in the 12-step program to rear responsible and compassionate children.

THEOL-A6  -  Co-creating as Prayer:  A course which explores the spiritual dimensions of creative engagement, centering and transformation.  This course also looks into the healing properties of such endeavors.
After successful completion of each Course, the student is issued a Certificate which can be applied towards credits in a theology program.

THEOL-A7 -  Reconciling Violence in Ministry is a practical course that allows those in ministry to have a path going forward mitigating PTSD in victims in church communities.  This program can empower both the minister as well as the survivors of violence to become effective for themselves and their communities to heal and take action in the wake of suffering violence.  This course was collaborated by Judy Quitoriano and Jim Jackson. View Syllabus.

THEOL-A8 - Social Justice. This course is a call to social justice using an historical perspective in U.S. California History, the processing of intrinsic bias and finally the discernment about where one is called to serve in the greatest capacity.  There has never been a more important time to serve and become stewards of personal gifts.
View Syllabus.