(Syllabi, pronounced syl-lah-bee, is the plural word for Syllabus)

Syllabus for Course THEOL-A7

Reconciling Violence in Ministry


Week 1:

Listen to Chapters 1-5

Cornell notes on work.


Week two:

Read:  Information for Faith Based and Community Leaders

Chapters 6-10

Cornell Notes


Week 3:

Read: Transformative Counselling

Chapters 11-15

Cornell Notes

Notes due on Weeks 1-2 (on readings and Chap. 1-10)


Week 4:

Chapters 16-20

Cornell Notes


Week 5:

Notes due on Weeks 3-4

Chapters 21-25

Cornell Notes

Read: Trauma informed Care In Behavioral Health Services


Week 6:

Chapters 26-30

Cornell Notes


Week 7:

Notes due on Week 5-6

Chapters 31-35

Read Segment on Child Abuse

Cornell Notes


Week 8:

Chapters 36-40

Cornell Notes


Week 9:

Cornell Notes Due.

Outline of Term Paper

Rough draft


Week 10:

Term Paper due

Includes topic explored and approved.