Zen Meditation Program

Notice to all students who had previously been enrolled at the Academy of the Lotus Blossom (ALB) and / or at Lincoln Zen Center (LZT) as Zen students:
Both of these schools or programs have merged with Meister Eckhart Divinity School (MEDS) in spring of 2015. Hence all Zen Programs (being  identical with what they had been previously at LZT and ALB) are now offered through MEDS. It was felt that a Certificate from a Divinity School would bear more weight and credibility to the students and their career.
If you had been a Zen student at either ALB or LZT and wish to continue your Program, please contact the School Administration with further details stating your intentions. Alternatively you can apply directly at MEDS and begin your Program anew.


The purpose of this program is to offer training in Zen for those who cannot regularly

attend a meditation group or church; for those who would like to learn more about meditation; and for those who plan to start and/or lead a local mediation group, including those preparing for ordination.


The program consists of both long-distance elements and practice. The pace and duration of the entire training can be determined individually or on terms to be arranged between student and teacher. Generally, it should take between one to three years, depending on the student’s prior practice, commitment and spiritual growth.

A Certificate of Completion or Teaching can issued by the School at the end of training, depending on the student’s aim.

Curriculum Outline

1. Commit to daily practice of meditation in the style of Zen and communicate with the teacher how the practice is progressing.

2. Enter a regular email exchange with the teacher about Zen realization in your life.

3. Study an assigned number of books, one at a time, as determined by the teacher, and

discuss these books from time to time with the teacher.

4. Once directed, compose two meditation talks per year in essay form; or lead a meditation talk at a community (upon arrangement).

5. Attend at least one retreat per year (upon arrangement).


The tuition is based on a monthly sliding scale.