Credential Transfer

Credential Transfer is a way, in which academic credentials, professional experience and earned degrees from another school or entity can be accredited at Meister Eckhart Divinity School.

Other schools, church jurisdictions and employers may use these newly issued credentials to better understand the candidate's ecclesial education and to judge applicants for admission, incardination, ordination or employment.

Meister Eckhart Divinity School can only analyze and accredit credentials within its parameters of an ecclesial school. Hence, any newly established credentials and/or degrees that the School issues can only be within this ecclesial sphere. In other words, any degree that Meister Eckhart Divinity School bestows upon a student must be that of theology and its related disciplines.

Interested individuals may fill out the interest card below and request an Application. There is also a processing fee that the candidate is requested to submit, but only upon acceptance of the Application. It is listed on the Tuition Center page.

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